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Some of us seek Answers to deeper questions…

What is life really about?

How is my existence intertwined with those around me?

How do I find the God essence within me?

What is the true nature of the universe?

Is there life beyond what most see as just a brief birth-to-death road trip?

Will deeper awareness within lead to a greater understanding of all the

Universe has to offer?



Not everyone dares to ask such questions. But self-awareness is propelled by self-determination,

and at The Mountaintop bookstore & Self-development Center we will help you discover the answers.

We provide a warm and welcoming  environment and a commitment to your personal direction

and growth. We are a haven and a resource for you. A place where your mind, your body,

and your spirit can flourish.


Life has its peaks and valleys. Let us empower you to reach your most lofty places.


Our hours of operation are (M-S)- 10-7pm Sun- 10-5pm

Fair Hours are 11-6pm on Saturday and 11-5pm on Sunday